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    Joint exhibit

    Joint presentations for joint success

    FAIRNET offers organisations of joint exhibits tailor-made solutions for a successful exhibition communication.

    • Development of an overall concept under consideration of the prerequisites for the sponsor of the joint exhibit.
    • Coordination of the sub-exhibitors and coordination of various requirements in the overall concept.
    • Planning, control and implementation of all necessary services before, during and after the exhibition.
    • "Each participant its own customer" - FAIRNET supports you as an individual exhibitor at a joint exhibit.

    FAIRNET Gemeinschaftsstand

    FAIRNET Gemeinschaftsstand

    FAIRNET Gemeinschaftsstand

    We are here for you!

    Fairnet Yvonne Melinkow

    Yvonne Melinkow

    Phone: +49 341 678-7175

    Fax: +49 341 678-8490


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