Accreditation for PARTNER PFERD is provided by EquiWords, an agency for media and press relations in equestrian sports. You will receive your accreditation online or directly at the Press Centre at Leipziger Messe against proof of valid identification.

Click here to apply for an accreditation for PARTNER PFERD 2024

If you want to record and use moving images, an additional rights release is necessary. Please request a corresponding application from us. When sending an accreditation request you give your consent to receive further information on the event by fax, SMS, email or other electronic information systems.


Kirsten Maier (EquiWords)
Jumping, Dressage, Driving , Vaulting, Show, Sponsors, FEI World Cup™
Carsten Lorenz (Leipziger Messe GmbH)
Exhibition, Special Exhibitions, Social Events