Tickets and Prices: Secure Your Tickets for the Tournaments and the Trade Fair

We look forward to welcoming you to PARTNER PFERD soon. Here we have put together all the important information for your visit to the tournaments and trade fair with advice on tickets and prices.

Information on advance ticket sales

Tickets for PARTNER PFERD 2023 will be available in advance, as from 1 September 2022.

How to get your tickets?

Tickets for the tournament

You can get your tickets for the tournament

Important notice: Seats for handicapped people can only be bought over the telephone at: +49 341 14 14 14.

Exhibition tickets

You can buy your tickets for the trade fair either online at the ticketshop of the Leipziger Messe or at the ticket counter during the event.

Ticket Prices

Here you will soon find all the current tournament and exhibition ticket prices for the upcoming PARTNER PFERD 2024.